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MayfieldGlobal helps bring innovative ideas to market.

MayfieldGlobal was established to provide the exposure, the networks, the processes, and the systems to help innovative ideas thrive in local and foreign markets. We’re a valued partner to the Australian manufacturing and service industries because we invest in innovation and partner with clients.

Our approach is targeted, placing the products and services where they will find the most success. Currently operating in local and foreign markets, we understand the intricacies of each market. We can develop products and services to specific requirements for the manufacturing and service markets. Open, transparent and available – we see ourselves as your partner, here to help in every way we can.

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"A passion for providing innovative Australian products and services to the world”

Nick Giampietro

Managing Director

As the Managing Director of MayfieldGlobal, Nick brings his deep experience in managing the development and execution of commercial strategy to Australia’s increasingly innovative products and services markets.

As well as many years of experience working in Asia and building valuable networks, Nick combines business acumen, sound consulting frameworks and an ability to resolve and broker solutions in the most challenging of situations. He prides himself on his negotiation skills which he now uses to promote products and services on behalf of MayfieldGlobal clients.

Known for his integrity, Nick has been a trusted advisor for many of Australia’s largest organisations including ANZ, Ernst and Young, Cap Gemini, Telstra, IBM, NAB, and Westpac group.

How we can help Investments

Just as each product and service is different, the path each product and service, takes to succeed in a market is unique. We work with you to develop product and services as per your requirements.

MayfieldGlobal utilizes the MayfieldGlobal Project Management Model (MPM). MPM comprises: Market Research, Product and Services Feasibility & Design, Brand Creation & Development and Go to Market.

Market Research

Market Analysis

Review trends, data and local markets to analyse product and services feasibility.

Ideation Workshops

Market research is conducted to obtain customer feedback on all aspects of the product and service sector.

Market Testing

Market research to obtain consumer & / or customer feedback.

Project Management

End to End project management from ideation to launch in market.


Market analysis to determine whether to proceed, amend or park the idea.

Product and Services Feasibility & Design

Product and Services Design

Design product concept;

Design services concept;

Modification to concept until the target is achieved.

Source Product and Services Developer

Developer sourced to validate product and service feasibility.


Indicative costings target P&L.


Feasibility audit to determine the viability of commercialising the product and service.

Brand Creation & Development

Brand Development

Product and Services brand strategy targeting consumer needs and behaviours.

Quality Assurance

Meet quality assurance requirements


Finalise production / supply requirements.


Final product & services;

Final brand strategy.

Go to Market

Brand & Marketing Strategy

Launch plans (product and services, place, price & promotion).

IP Protection

Trademark across markets required (Australia & overseas).


Identify ideal domestic and overseas logistics solution to meet cost, shelf and transport requirements.

Local Networking

Link with suitable distributors, retailers, consolidators and agencies.

Grant Applications

Submit application for grant's where possible.


More than just shipping product overseas; covers Government regulations, licensing duties, market intelligence & distribution.


Finished product and services - Launch.

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